Welcome to Jericho Birding Tours

My name is Zachary Fedder and I am a grade eleven student who is an avid birder. I have been birding seriously for over 5 years and I have gained much knowledge on the avifauna of the beautiful Pacific Coast we live on. I am passionate regarding learning about and conserving our environment. I have decided to lead these tours in order to help people appreciate the wonders of this unique ecosystem and share my knowledge of the various species of birds that can be observed here.

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About the tours

First tour date: Saturday, October 28, 2017.

Tours will begin on Saturday mornings at 8:30am and will run until 10:00am. Tours may be cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

Tours will meet at the bridge over the Jericho duck pond.

All tours are by donation.

Please contact me if you are interested in participating in the tour, so I know if anyone will show up, or if you have any further questions!

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Please contact me if you have any questions.